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The Paws at Home Pet Care Team includes vet nurses and vet nurse students and a team of people who
simply love animals. Our team consider your pets our family and care for them as carefully and as diligently as you do.
The Paws at Home team cover Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Whakatane and
all surrounding areas.
Sarah Stockdale


I grew up in a farming family and have had a life-long love for animals.

As a teenager I worked at a boarding kennels and cattery and showed corgis and shetland sheep dogs.
At present, we own Sasha, a beautiful Tokenise cat with a big personality  Sasha who wins in the 'boss' stakes in our house!

I left the corporate world to follow my passion to work with pets. I saw a real need for a comprehensive service, providing proactive health and well-being care for pets at home by a qualified team with skills, passion and an absolute commitment to caring for animals.

From your first day as part of our Paws at Home family, we guarantee your pets will have a world-class client experience.

West Hamilton/Raglan Business Owner

Genevieve -  have had a life long passion for animals but it was only 2011 that I finally left the world of office work and applied for veterinary nursing. I graduated with my diploma in 2015 while at the same time working in general practice as well as doing some emergency after hours work.  I love being able to bring my nursing skills into peoples homes to help make things easier for them and less stressful for their beloved pets. I also love being able to work with every type of animal from cats to bearded dragons as well as offering services that range from feeding right through to in home vet nurse care and rehabilitation work.
Currently my own animal family consists of 7 cats, 2 dogs, 2 budgies, 1 ringneck parrot and a turtle plus I also devote what time I can to helping animal rescues. 

Whakatane Regional Owner

Pippa (Whakatane) I grew up on a sheep and beef farm in Taihape where a passion for animal care developed, often to the despair of my parents when I brought home assortments of sick and injured animals. Now I own a lifestyle block in Whakatane where dogs, goats, pigs horses and cows have joined my family. I have followed my passion for animals by completing a degree in Veterinary Technology giving me comprehensive knowledge of medical, behavioural and nutritional needs of our pets. I understand the importance of trusting someone to look after your fur babies as part of the family. I often send my dog to "nana and grandads" while I'm at work and love getting updates and pictures of what she gets up to through the day. I am excited to offer this opportunity to others

Pet Minders

Paws at Home has a team of pet minders with vet nurse skills and a sincere love for animals.
They'll look after your pets when you can't, providing the care your animals need and deserve.

Home Hosts


Grant (Grandview Heights, Hamilton) has been hosting dogs for almost 10 years and is well-loved by all his four footed family and his extended Paws at Home family members. He and his wife Irene are both passionate about animals and have built up great skills in providing the very best care, fun and security. Walks and play in the park, quiet time and social interaction are all on the menu daily.


Christine (Hamilton Lake) has been a Paws at Home Home Host for 3 plus years and has the perfect place to have her guests feel right at home.

A great secure garden environment with a property backing on to Innes Common for easy exercise. Her four footed guests are always excited to come back and stay again and again.


Jeanette (Dinsdale) My name is Jeanette and I absolutely love dogs. In return, they love me back and give me enormous pleasure and joy. As a home host, I make my home theirs and give them a loving and caring environment while they are away from home. My husband and son both also love dogs and between the three of us, we make sure they are well exercised, entertained and loved.


Carole (Ohaupo) Animals bring so much joy and brightness into our lives and improve our health and well-being. I have personally owned dogs for more than 30 years and I enjoy home hosting, giving much-loved dogs a holiday while their owners are away. Dogs live here as part of our family, are walked and played with daily and have almost constant human company. They are welcome to lie beside us on the couch in the evening, or enjoy the mat in front of the fire. I take my role very seriously and am happy to be of service with daily updates and photos.


Victoria (Horsham Downs). Having had dogs for many years, I understand how deeply we care for them. Our large block, just outside Flagstaff, is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs: a great outdoor space for exploring and playing; a comfy home where they live as part of the family; and always liberally sprinkled with plenty of attention and cuddles. Eight years experience with greyhounds and the Greyhounds As Pets organisation, as well as having had an Airedale with special medical needs, I appreciate the trust required between all of us – and how re-assuring a daily update can be.


Lindsey - Dogs have always been in my life and since I was a young girl our family have had dogs. I am English but have lived in New Zealand now for the past 14 years. I have a 14 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Archie. 

I also use the services of Paw at home for Archie. Sharon, my Pet Minder, feeds, chats, cuddles and checks Archie, also giving him the walk he requires. What I also love is that Sharon texts me afterwards so I know my boy is happy and well looked after. I am now happy to be able to offer this wonderful service myself and excited to be a Home Host for Paws at Home.

Waikato - Dog Behaviourist

Cathy brings great skills to the Paws at Home Team.  

I grew up on a lifestyle block surrounded by animals.  My passion for dogs led to studying their behaviours at tertiary level gaining a certificate from Massey University and later, an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management from Compass Education and Training in UK.

 I love seeing dogs' behaviours change for the better and the relationship between dog and owner improve and consider the clicker an important tool in achieving that. Teaching people how to read and understand canine body language is important in developing a stress free existence.I returned from living in Hong Kong where my husband and I resided from 2003 - 2016 and there I volunteered at the SPCA and helped people solve problems with their dogs and taught basic training.


Petrina - I come from a farming background. I have trained my own working dogs and learnt to respect immensely the work a well trained dog can do. We have always had dogs and cats in our lives.  We are enjoying the diversity of breeds and personalities that come into our home through our Paws at Home hosting.We are blessed with a wonderful rural environment that is well suited to keeping dogs happy. Paws at Home offer a wonderful service and my husband and I are enjoying providing a superb service to our canine friends.

West Hamilton

Corilin - I had a wonderful upbringing on a farm surrounded by many pets.As a teenager I worked summer holidays in a boarding kennel and helped out at our local vet clinic. 

 At present, we have a 7-year-old Wire-Haired Jack Russel called Jonty, who loves to race around our lifestyle block. Jonty is an excellent swimmer, and in the summer months, he loves to cool off in our pool.We also have chooks, quail, sheep, parrots, a pampered cat and plenty of safe, stimulating space for visiting dogs to stretch their legs.I’ve always believed that our dogs are an important and beloved part of our life and should always be treated like family.


Meryl & Lou have been dog owners most of their lives and are usually found walking on the beautiful beach at Ohope with their current beagle Dottie.cMeryl is a retired nurse, so all medical issues are handled with ease, and the giving of medications and caring for older animals is something she does very well. We are happy to provide emails and photos during your pets stay with us. Our home is fully fenced and very dog proof. We enjoy having our pets on the couch with us in the evening and they have free range of the house, having a choice of comfy places to sleep. We have been beagle owners, having two litters, over the last 15 years. Dottie is very mellow and used to mixing with dogs, big and small. 


Lisa - I am a lifelong animal lover and the proud owner of a two year old
Pug/King Charles Spaniel cross called Eliot. Growing up we always had
either a family dog or multiple cats and guinea pigs, so I’m well
versed in the ways of the family pet.

Previously I worked for the Police, but after nine years I have
decided to do a complete change of tack and follow my passion for
helping animals. I’m currently training to become a Veterinary Nurse
and loving it.

I have a level, grassed, fully fenced back yard with a nice shady deck.I live a short two minute walk from Hamilton Lake, the perfect spot for daily walks. 


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