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Our services include feeding, medication, exercise, nutrition, socialising,
providing private holidays, day care for dogs and a great taxi service.

Paws – YOUR Home Care

Most pets don't mind their owner going out for a short time. But bring out your suitcase and your pets may start to sulk or scarper.

So if you're planning a holiday, have an emergency, or need to be somewhere else for a day, a week or a month Paws at Home can provide in-home care for your pets.

While you're away we can:
  • Feed your pets, including providing premium pet food if required
  • Administer any medication
  • Refresh any litter trays
  • Plenty of pets, chats and cuddles!
  • Ensure they have plenty of fresh water
  • Check your pet is at home and happy

We'll provide regular 'rest easy' text or email updates so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time away. We'll also check your mail and put out your garbage – plus you'll have the security of having someone daily on your property.

Service1-2 pets3-5 pets
1 visit per day$22$27
2 visits per day$40$50

Meet the Home Care team

Paws – Tailored Exercise for Dogs

All dogs need regular exercise to remain happy and healthy. We work with you to find out what they need, build a profile on your dog and then tailor an dog walking and exercise programme, including a nutrition programme to enhance the health and well-being of your best friend. The programme may include:
  • Exercise – walking
  • Socialisation – regular walking with other dogs
  • Nutrition
  • Health bites – proactive flea and worm treatments
30 minute walk – $23
45 minute walk – $34
60 minute walk – $46

Second dog from the same home is + $10 for 30 minutes

Paws – Private Doggy Day Care

Socialisation plays a big part in your dog's happiness. Having friends to playand exercise with is fun and important in terms of behaviour. Our Doggy Day Care Home Hosts provide a home away from home with a secure dog-friendly outdoor environment. They are able to relax indoors and will be walked at least once a day. 

Home Hosts look after no more than four dogs at any one time to ensure that there is plenty of individual attention given to each dog.

  • Your pooch report is given at the time of pick up
  • We will administer any medications
  • We will provide an exercise program (if required)
  • Paws at Home members and regular clients are given priority


  • $28 per day
  • $20 half day (4 hours)

Second dog from the same home is 10% off the full rate

Meet the Home Host team

Paws – Dog Holidays

Our Paws at Home dog family can enjoy great dog holidays with our Home Hosts while you're away. With small numbers (4 maximum) each dog enjoys a home away from home with walks, play time, rest time, fun time and lots of individual attention. Our hosts are committed to maintaining your home life routine for exercising and feeding whilst ensuring your dog's likes and dislikes are accommodated. Paws at Home can provide premium nutrition or you can supply your own.

At a meet and greet you and your dog(s) meet the Home Host, meet other
dogs that might be guests and get a taste of the home environment your dogs will enjoy.

We'll send regular 'rest easy' text or email updates so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of your time away.
  • We'll administer any medications
  • We'll provide an exercise program if required
  • Paws at Home members and regulars take priority
  • $45 for 24 hours for up to 7 nights
  • $40 for 24 hours after 7 nights
Second dog is 10% off the full rate

Meet the Home Host team

Paws – Pet Taxi

If you need to get to the vet, or somewhere else and require transport, try our Pet Taxi service! Phone 0800 729 749.


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